As Winter approaches us, so does the wintry weather. Unfortunately, we do not experience the snowfall that we did when I was a child. We will get some snow and those days will be very unique. How do we take advantage of such a unique opportunity? How do we use this snowfall for the sake of God’s glory? Here are ten ways in which you can be an example of Christ during such a season:

1. Shovel your neighbor’s driveway / sidewalk.
2. Bake some cookies (or goodies) for your neighbors.
3. Go visit people in your neighborhood to see if they need groceries and then share what you have.
4. Brew up some hot coffee or some hot chocolate and go mobile. Deliver hot drinks to parents / families that are outside playing in the snow.
5. Pray that everyone has a safe commute, if they are out driving in the snow.
6. Pray for the city workers as they work to clean up the snow.
7. Invite folks over to your house to watch a wholesome movie, play board games, etc. You can share Christian fellowship with neighbors that otherwise you never spend time.
8. Share a sled, shovel, outdoor equipment with your neighbors if they are in need.
9. Cook dinner for a neighbor and invite them over for some Christian fellowship.
10. If you see someone stranded, then go and help them out of their situation and offer them refuge.

Why should we be doing anything? Snow does not accumulate here very often. Attempt to take this unique situation for the glory of God. Each of these opportunities will allow you to build a relationship with someone that otherwise you may not have a relationship.  Through that relationship they will notice your priorities and if Christ is a priority then they will soon hear, see and experience Christ!