I have seen some crazy things in my lifetime. I watched the ending of the California/Stanford football game in 1982. Cal won on the last play of the game. They received the kickoff and went right down the field on the return. It was a play called “let’s lateral this ball to whatever Cal player is nearest, for a total of 75 laterals, run through half the student body and the entire Stanford Band the last 10 yards before crossing the goal line and knocking down an unsuspecting and somewhat perplexed trombone player.” Had I not watched it on television I would not have believed it.

I have observed what I believe to be crazy people jump off a perfectly good bridge with nothing between them and the ground but a bungee cord, which is basically a giant industrial-strength rubber band. I watched a sports special where a man jumped out of a plane without a parachute. Intentionally. He landed on what looked like a giant air mattress. I don’t mean to be personal or judgmental but in my opinion these people have the brain of a salamander. They have no dough in their biscuits.

In high school I was not normal like I am now. I looked in my yearbook to see what my friends said about me. Here are a few examples: “You’re a real crazy guy – Stephanie.” Martin, Baby, you have made Trigonometry much better than it would have been. You are a riot! Luv, Debbie.”  “You’re really a crazy guy and I’m sorry I’ve been so rude to you every time I tell you to shut up. – Margie.” “Say, Martin! You are a real cool, groovy, mellow fellow, crazy cat. – Reginald” “Just think! Before this year I didn’t even know you. Now I know you and really don’t know if I missed anything. – Love ya, Carolyn.” Biology has been crazy. You are really normal. I lied. Stay crazy. – Love ya, Capi.” “You’re one of the craziest, most lovable guys I’ve ever met. – Love, Lisa.” “Well, we finally made it through Espanol II. Stay the  same, crazy way you are now. – Love, Cheryl”

Either crazy was a popular word in the spring of 1970 or my fellow classmates thought I was a little bit crazy. I can’t imagine why. I guess “crazy” is a relative term, its true definition a byproduct of one’s perspective. I was reminded of this several years ago after a morning worship service. We had sung the chorus, “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah, Praise Ye the Lord!” Toni Honts informed me that her son, Lincoln, misunderstood and sang, “Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah, Crazy the Lord!”

I smiled but then I thought about all the things Jesus did that, based on one’s point of view, might be considered a little bit crazy. He preferred servanthood to kingship, respected his parents, befriended sinners, showed compassion to the hopeless, associated with tax-gatherers, loved people who were thought to be unlovable, and forgave his enemies. You know what sounds even crazier? He expects us to do the same.

We used to sing a hymn about following in the footsteps of Jesus. Maybe that’s what we need to do in 2018. Some might think that would be crazy. But Jesus hasn’t changed.  Hebrews 13:8 says that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Ready to go a little crazy for Jesus in 2018? It reminds me of the words of an old Paul Simon song from the 1970’s, “ . . . still crazy after all these years.”






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