Have you ever had a bad day?  Compare your bad day to some of these I discovered.  A story out of Romania detailed a bad day for a bear and a man. Not a bare man. The man was in the pasture checking his sheep. A bear came out of the woods (don’t ask what he had been doing) and started chasing the man. The man fell and broke his leg. He thought he was a goner. His pet Pekingese had other ideas. He attacked the bear and chased him into the woods, returning safely an hour later walking with a strut the likes of which have not been seen since John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Now the bear and the man had the same problem. They both had to go back to the den and tell their buddies how they were humiliated by a Pekingese. This is a dog that is so cute it looks like God drew a face on a hairy pancake. But the man did learn his lesson. He is no longer going to check (√) his sheep. He will just mark them with an “X”.

A man in South Korea complained of a headache. He went to the doctor and X-rays revealed a two-inch nail embedded in his skull.  He did not remember how it happened. I may be a typical male and not notice when Beverly moves a couch from one wall to another but I’m pretty sure I would remember the exact moment a nail entered my head and how it got there.

A man in Texas found a box of old dusty recordings in his attic. He claimed they were amateur recordings by Elvis Presley. When told by experts that it was not the voice of Elvis he went into an uncontrollable frenzy. You know what happened. He was all shook up. A woman in Israel accidentally swallowed a cockroach. (Is there another way to swallow a cockroach?) She tried to retrieve it with a fork and swallowed the fork. She is fine. The subsequent surgery was successful. Doctors were told simply to look at the X-rays and turn right when they got to the fork in the roach.

It’s that way in life. Some days there’s a song in your heart and a zip in your step. The next day there’s a fork in your stomach or a nail in your head. Maybe not literally. How do you react?  Sometimes I don’t do so well. When someone tries to cheer me up by quoting scripture I just want to grab a Bible and throw it at them. Of course with my luck it would always fall open to “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Ps. 118:24 NLT).

Rightfully so. This really is the day the Lord has made. It is provided for us by Jesus Himself. He had one of his days end with a nail, not in his head but in his hands and feet. He could have avoided it but instead chose to die. It was not a good day for Him. It was a great day for us. When I think of that day my day is really not so bad after all.  I ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog for cryin’ all the time. 

I need to be positive. I should say to myself “don’t be cruel,” and “don’t go crying in the chapel.” Because Christ loved me I never have to spend another night in heartbreak hotel. I need to wake up every morning and decide that it’s now or never. I’m going to live this day for God. He really does love me tender.

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